HR Technology Consulting Services

HR Technology is the enabler - are your people and processes ready to change?

Digital HR Technology Consulting Services

If your goals are to...

  • Understand how to apply your HR technology investments into your business model 
  • Measure the return on your HR technology investment
  • Leverage HR technology to improve decision making, solve issues and improve business goals
  • Align your processes and roles to successfully deploy the new technology

Our solutions can help…

  1. HR Technology design services – Gather and analyse employee needs, and business and functional requirements to develop high level HR technology designs
  2. HR Technology business case  - Develop the costs, benefits and risks for different technology selection and deployment options as well as the financial model to track return on investment
  3. HR Technology enablement - Develop employee centric use case based proofs of concept, prioritize the business and functional requirements, and optimize the flow of activities and roles to align with the technology

Types of HR Technologies covered: engagement, performance management, learning, recruitment, collaboration, competency, rewards and talent management


    Change Management Services

    If your goals are to…

    • Involve and align the leaders to lead the change
    • Communicate key information at the right time to the right audiences
    • Know who is affected by the change, what they care about and their readiness to change
    • Have the right metrics to assess the change impact
    • Have the right knowledge, skills and behaviors to succeed in the future state

    Our solutions can help…

    1. Change Management Strategy and Plan - Develop the overall change strategy covering leadership behaviors, key measures, governance, roadmap, dependencies and approaches to build momentum and enable the change
    2. Communications and Stakeholder Management Strategies and Plans - Develop the detailed communication plan covering the measures, process, roles, channels, and messages.   Develop the stakeholder management plan to identify, assess, and prioritize key stakeholders and groups who can influence or are impacted by the change
    3. Change Management Implementation Support - Provide direct support to implement the change management, communications & stakeholder management plans