Digital Leader & Capability Development Programs

The digital age significantly disrupts core leadership roles - and requires new beliefs, behaviors and actions

Digital Leaders Development

If your goals are to...

  • Know what digital knowledge, skills and behaviors (KSBs) your leaders need to develop
  • Apply the tested approaches to develop the key digital KSBs
  • Encourage your leaders to apply their learnings

Our digital leader program can help...

  1. Pre-Program Assessment - Assess each individual – pre, during, post – for digital leader building blocks
  2. Digital Leaders Development Program - Develop digital leaders based on a proprietary leadership model comprising:  4 Core Digital Beliefs, 5 Critical Digital Behaviors, and 6 High Impact Actions.  Apply these learnings through a personal digital leadership development plan
  3. Digital Leader Continuous Development -  On-going coaching to support the personal development journey.   Participate in on-going learning through digital platforms

Digital Organization Capabilities Development

If your goals are to...

  • Know what digital organization capabilities you need to improve
  • Know how to improve key digital building blocks of: Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, Customer Centricity and Agility,
  • Know how to prioritize the actions to improve these capabilities

Our digital capability program can help...

  1. Pre-Program Assessment - Assess current state of digital capabilities of the 5 critical building blocks:   strategy, leadership, customer centricity, agility and innovation
  2. Digital Capability Development Program - Develop 5 critical digital capabilities through theory, tools and techniques to build and apply the capabilities through specificl digital projects
  3. On-going Support - Partner with a mentor to receive on-going support for the organization capability development journey.   Reference the learning portal for continuous discussion and information
Digital business doesn’t just disrupt markets, it disrupts tried-and-true management behaviors.
— Graham Waller